February 23 Roundtable Recap: John Jay College

Thank you for hosting, Bloodhounds!

John Jay Bloodhound
John Jay Bloodhound

On February 23, we gathered for the first Social Media Roundtable in 2018. Our featured presentation was from Sarah Morgano, who manages the digital presence of John Jay.

We went around the room and introduced the 30 (!) people in attendance.

Maria outlined the purpose of the Social Media Roundtable:

  1. Share best practices in digital marketing across our campuses and programs to help us stay on message.
  2. Build in-person relationships with social media managers and content creators of the university so that we raise the quality of messaging. Meeting face to face can break the silos we are in.
  3. Be a space for candid conversation about challenges we face as social media managers across the university.

While everyone interested in CUNY social media is welcome to attend the meetings, the target audience are the individuals who hit “post” on the respective accounts.

The goal of this month’s meeting was to provide participants with a great example of a social media operation (John Jay) to get them thinking about social media strategy and needs so that when the Hootsuite team is in NYC next month, they can get quality feedback from all of us.

Geovanni outlined spoke about the social media audit process

He encouraged folks to consider doing their own follower audits and share findings with us. Here’s a sample of what our audit at central looks like. [Digital Audit Sample]

Sarah then gave us an overview of how John Jay thinks about Social Media

PDF of Presentation: Social Media @JohnJayCollege

Some takeaways in conversation:

Try out Trello to plan social media postings with your team.

University of Michigan is a great example of social media for a university.

Try out Canva – which has a nonprofit discount.

We are looking into if the Central Office Photo Archive is open to the colleges.

The J-School has student Photographers for hire.

There is interest in Accessibility information (so MCL will resend the recap of December Workshop)

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